Mercer Marketplace: Providing Documentation for Debit Card Expenses

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Your pre-tax benefits help you take home more of your paycheck to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses and dependent care costs. And when you have a benefits debit card, making the most of your pre-tax perks is easier than ever. All you need to do is swipe your card to pay for an expense and, in some cases, submit supporting documentation to help us show the IRS that what you paid for with your debit card was eligible. If you’ve recently used your debit card on an expense that requires documentation, you’ll be alerted via email if your email address is on file, or from a letter in the mail.

You might get a request to submit documentation even if you swiped your card at the doctor or dentist. That’s because these places offer some services that aren’t benefit eligible, like teeth whitening or purchases from a gift shop.
Fortunately, if you do get a request to submit documentation, the process is easy, and you have several options available. You can submit receipts through your online account, using the Mercer Marketplace mobile application, or via fax or mail.

To submit documentation through your online account, you’ll first want to log in.
Once you’re logged in, look to see if there are any alerts in the Message Center section of your homepage, located here.

If any debit card expenses require receipts, you’ll see an exclamation mark with a “receipts needed” notification, like this. Click on that option, and you’ll be able to upload a receipt for each expense that requires documentation.

To upload the receipt, simply browse your documents and locate the receipt on your computer. Once located, select “Upload.”

After you’ve uploaded a receipt, you should get a confirmation message and see the receipt status for that claim change. Now, it should say “Uploaded.” Your documentation will be processed within two business days. If any further documentation is required, you’ll be notified via email, or, if you do not have an email address on file, by mail.

Would you rather submit documentation on the go? No problem. The Mercer Marketplace Accounts mobile app allows you to easily submit documentation directly from your Apple or Android mobile device.

After downloading the app from your phone’s app store and setting up a 4-digit passcode, log in to the app by re-entering that same code.

Once you’re logged in, look to see if there are any alerts in the Message Center section of your homepage, located here.

Tap on the envelope icon to access your notification. Then, tap on the debit card expense that you want to provide documentation for. From the next screen, you’ll see all the details of your expense, including the dollar amount, the date and status. To upload your documentation, simply scroll down and tap “New Receipt.” You can then take a picture of your receipt using your phone’s camera or upload one from your camera library.

Make sure the image clearly reads the name of the provider, date of service, type of service and dollar amount. Because credit card statements don’t contain all these items, those won’t be accepted forms of documentation – but if you have an explanation of benefits statement – that notice you get saying “This is not a bill” across the top, it should contain all the required information. So just snap the photo, and once you’ve gotten a clear picture including all the required information, just save the image and submit the receipt!

If you don’t want to submit documentation online or through the mobile application, you can also send in documentation along with your receipt reminders via fax or mail.

We hope this tutorial was helpful in simplifying the use of your benefits.